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December 23, 2012
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RuneSpirit -Ref- by xXSlytherinLeoXx RuneSpirit -Ref- by xXSlytherinLeoXx
Edit: Don't us Info outline plz

General Information ~
Name: Runespirit
Nickname(s): Rune
Gender: She-cat
Breed(s): Unknown (Mix)
Breed characteristices in Inherited: Unknown
Age - 23 Moons
Clan - Iceclan
Rank - Warrior


Physical Appearance: A dark brown she-cat with darker brown stripes, ears and tail tip, with lighter brown paws and 'spots' on her muzzle, with cream/brown going from her muzzle down her neck and belly and tail, with some of it in her ear. she as one white paw and half of a white leg and white under her eye and a white heart. she as blue eyes like her brother.



[ Devoted | Suspicious | Optimistic | Proud | Foreign | Sweet | Meticulous | Flaw ]

Devoted - "I'm loyal to my clan...and well Brother he the only family i have" ~ She Devoted to only three things in her life, One is her clan, she may have not been born in Iceclan, thought she is still half-clan cata. two is her brother, he is the only family she as left and would do anything to make him happy or just get under his fur for the fun of it. and lost will be her mate, she wants to think their some cat out their for her, that would love her and do anything to make her happy, but for know she keep looking for that 'tom' to take her off her paws.

Believer - "Yea i believe in anything, so what's it to you?" ~ She is the only cat she knows that would believe in anything, from the kitty-pet tails to the loners storys, but she as to believe in something other then her nightmare.

Optimistic - "Why are you Frowning? its more fun to smile and let the world see that anything will get you down..." - She always wants to believe on the bright side of things and never wants to admit defeat. she will try to find a single ray of light in anything she dose or anything she will do for iceclan. like she believes their a tom out their for her or someone that will love her brother. she will smile on any day because its easier then frowning.

Proud - "What are you doing...HI don't talk about my brother like that" ~ She is one proud cat about her family, she don't cure if you talk bad about her, but when it comes to her brother she would claw your eyes out, she loves him more then anything and would do anything for him, no metter what.

Foreigh - "I'm not that hard to get along just the nightmares is all..." ~ Because she has Nightmares any night she sleeps away from anyone and outside in a hollow tree. anyone thinks she crazy for sleeping in a tree, but what can she do, she don't want to wait anyone one with her nightmares, but she hates it when she sleeps along like this. she just wish the nightmares will go away.

Sweet - "Why thank you dear.." ~ She is a sweetly cat she loves her how she looks and loves to make anyone happy she more of a 'odd' ball in this personality but anyone would think her of a sweet loving she-cat.

Flaw - Because she as 'nightmares' she sleeps away from the clan and her brother, and because she sleeps outside of camp a fox or badger can get to her, however she been trying to find a way to get away from the 'nightmares' anything seem to work so she lose some sleep over this.

:new: Motto
"i believe in everything until it disproved. so i believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. it all exists, even if its in your mind. who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't real as the here and now?"

"I still get nightmares. In Fact, I get them so often i should be used to them by now. I'm not. no one ever really gets used to nightmares.

"My sleep wasn't praceful, thought. i have the sense of emerging from a world of dark, haunted places where i traveled alone."

Quotes by 'john lennon' | Mark z. Danielewski | Suzanne Colline

Brief history: -

-> "well lets look back onto my past. My father was a warrior of iceclan who sadly fall in love with a rogue. But when he found out that she was expecting, he completely abandoned her. so me and my brother spent the first three moons without a father. Then just out of the blue he decided to show his face and as to tell my mother, willow that she needs to hand us over cause we belong within iceclan. there was a big fight and they left me and my brother along and went far away.

-> A long time past and it was almost dawn when Dustfall come back without mother, i might have been young but i did see the battle wounds on his fur and that his fur was sticking out in places, he had a limp into his step...and the blood he had blood on his claws and muzzle, that smell so must of mother. I wanting to ask him were and what he did with mother but nothing come out and when he pick up my brother their was nothing to do but to follow him to are new home. when we get their all the cats look at us like we were nothing but kitty-pets i wanting to go and hind but i put my head up and show them i will not back down. when i was older i get a mentor call Rockheart and like his name he was a bit mean to me, but all i can do was to take it and grow up with my brother. thought i never tell him about what rockheart did to me but sometimes i still have nightmares of it.

-> I become a warrior along with my brother and then Father become a leader, and thank 'starclan' for that, I would have help my brother kill him if i had to, Not a lot of cats know this but I lead Rockheart into a trep and he was kill. He hating him the same as i did my father, If it was not for him he would have grow up in a loving home with mother and brother, but he had to take me away from their so i can be a member of iceclan. I hating the day he die all cozy in his nest of old age, i wish brother have getting to hime first. I'm proud of iceclan, and have high respect of a few cats in the clan, one of them is the leader, Ashstar, he may be young but he a great cat, i would fight for him and iceclan. thought i keep away at night because of the nightmares thought no one knows were a sleep not even my brother, i love him, like any sister can i just don't want him to get mad he to nice to get mad.



1. Shiny toy Guns - We are pilots
2. you're gonna go far, kid'
3. "The memory"
4. 'what i've done' Linkin Parks
5. 'Chasing the sun'
6. Wip
7. Wip

Relationship Information Wip
[ :bulletpurple: ] Family | Kin
[ :bulletblack: ] Dead
[ :bulletwhite: ] Living


[ :bulletblack::bulletblack: ] Despise | Dislike | Loathe | Discomfort
[ :bulletwhite::bulletwhite: ] Unsure | Mixed Feelings
[ :bulletyellow: ] Acquatintance
[ :bulletblue: ] Friend
[ :bulletgreen: ] Good | Best Friend
[ :bulletpink: ] Crush | Attraction
[ :bulletred: ] Love | Mate
[ :bulletorange: ] Special | Admire | Respect

[ Character | :bullet: | Rank | Thoughts ]

[ Iceclan ]

[ Tasmaniantundra | :bulletpurple::bulletwhite: || :bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletorange: | Warrior of Iceclan ]
:bulletgreen: - He my best friend, yes he is my brother but he can still be a best friend. He was their when we come to iceclan when he grow you with him, i would tell him anything...well not about rockheart, but anything yes.
:bulletred: - I love my brother, not only is the last of my family but he been their right next to me, yes he can be a bit cold to others but never with me, thought right now I'm trying to get him to smile, but that's a loseing fight.
:bulletorange: - How he can close his heart up to sometimes, and how he makes sure he ready for a fight, yes i respect my brother and i admire him for anything he dose.


[ Ashstar | :bulletorange: | Leader of Iceclan ]
:bulletorange: - He my leader, why would i not respect him? he dose a lot for the clan.

[ StreamClaw ]
None yet

[ Heatherclan ]
None yet

[ Willowclan ]
None Yet

[ Stoneclan ]
None yet

[ LRK / Tribe ]

[ Starclan | Dark Forst ]
[ Willow | :bulletpurple::bulletblack: || :bulletred: | Rogue ]
:bulletred: - Mother, i love you, i wish you will still here with me and brother, and i wish father have not kill you, but you still here with use are you? still around us.


[ Duskfall | :bulletpurple::bulletblack: || :bulletblack::bulletblack: | Dead, Starclan/dark forest ]
:bulletblack::bulletblack: - Loathe, is more like it, i hope he is in the 'dark forest' he don't need to see the light any more then i need to see a scar, What he did to this family, i'm happy he dead. because of him anything bad happen to him, because of him i had a bad past and so did brother. He kill mother just to get us...


[ Rockheart | :bulletblack::bulletblack: | Dead, Darkforest ]
:bulletblack::bulletblack: - I was Discomfort of this time for the start, the way he look at me, like he don't see me just a 'she-cat'...I never tell anyone what happen that night before i become a warrior...nor did i want to remember but the nightmares keep coming back. When he dead was the happiest day i show, yes i did lead him to his death..what if you sew what he try to do you would have kill him to...

So do you like my new kitty :D she as a brother <3

I hope you guys like her

Rp Going on ~


Cat base [c] :iconallizia:
RuneSpirit [c] :iconxxslytherinleoxx:
App [c] :iconkelvali:
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